• Side Absorption Range Hood
  • Side Absorption Range Hood
  • Side Absorption Range Hood
  • Side Absorption Range Hood
  • Side Absorption Range Hood
  • Side Absorption Range Hood
  • Side Absorption Range Hood
  • Side Absorption Range Hood

● Waving sensor
● Large screen to suck from all- around directions
● Turbo function for stir-fry
● Easily removable filter
● Oil cup with large capacity
● Non-disassembly and wash free

  • 3400c㎡ Black Crystal

    Wide Screen Covering All Areas And Preventing Leakage Of Fume
      • Super wide angle with 27000ml deep cavity, collect as well as absorb fume in seconds.
      • Optimal distance(48cm-58cm) designed to absorb fume.
  • Ingenious Sensing To Eradicate Fume And Oil

      • Intellectual sensing to realize touchless control of range hood by simply waving hand.
      • liberating your hands as well as a protection of range hood, maintaining clean hands.
  • Strong Core 5.0 Fan System

    Strong Power As Well As 360°quick Absorption Of Fume
      • One touch to reach 1200m³/hr velocity, strong power and effective reducing of noise.
      • 430 strong wind pressure, breaking through flue to realize quick exhaust.
      • 60 arc shape unequal distance blades designed with 120°dip angle to generate strong suction in just seconds.
      • Brand new flue designed with 10:4 unequal blades, realizing a smooth entrance of fume.
  • A Thorough Filtering Of Oil And Fume, Free Of Dismantle And Washing

      • Band new upgraded A++ screen,92% separation of oil and fume.
      • Mimic of lotus leave self cleaning principle as well as nanometer coating oil guiding craft, a thorough detaching of any oil from inner cavity and surface.
      • Magnetic adhesion screen can be easily dismantled and organized in one second.
      • Concelled big oil cup, elegant and easy to clean.
  • Humanized Design

      • Intellectual touch control, touching key, sensitive touch, a joyful control.
      • Warm light LED, a combination of fashionable design and energy saving technology, thoughtful illumination of life.
      • Clip-on design of screen, oil groove and cup, a simple press can dismantle it in one second.

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(WxDxH) 895x399x548(mm)
Maximum Air Flow Rate(IEC61591) 1200m³/hr
Noise Level ≤ 57dB(A)
Maximum Static Pressure 430Pa
Motor Power 220w
Grease Separation Rate ≥ 92%
Net Weight of Unit 27.5kg


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