Pioneer in the Kitchen Appliance Industry! ROBAM 5G Smart Factory is Coming!

5G logistics trolley shuttles, 5G augmented reality camera intelligent monitoring, 5G barcode scanner scans anywhere and uploads production data...
On April 15, with the technical support of China Mobile Communications Group and Huawei, ROBAM’s digital intelligent manufacturing base successfully plugged in the “5G wings”, and the first 5G SA industrial Internet application pilot in the kitchen appliance industry has been established here. It is a practical action of Yuhang District to accelerate the development of 5G in the field of industrial Internet, and an iconic event on the large-scale commercial road of 5G network in Hangzhou.

“5G factories are now blossoming everywhere, but we are the first factory in the province to achieve full coverage of 5G independent networking.” A relevant head of ROBAM said that it is necessary to achieve more efficient interconnection and remote interaction of equipment in an industrial environment, as well as to ensure that the confidentiality in the transmission and storage of production data. These are the two major application requirements of ROBAM for wireless networks, and the 5G SA just meets the two requirements.

In recent years, ROBAM Digital Intelligent Manufacturing Base has adopted a large number of automated equipment and AGV carts in the manufacturing processes and warehousing processes, realizing intelligent warehousing with the automatic three-dimensional library system and automatic palletizing system. The product design, manufacturing, logistics, quality traceability and supply chain management has initially achieved whole process intelligence, which lays a solid foundation for the company’s 5G SA industrial Internet application.

Unlike traditional monitoring cameras, the high-tech AR augmented reality technology has been adopted in the monitoring devices of ROBAM workshops, which can automatically verify and identify personnel information faster, and can use the characteristics of 5G large bandwidth to achieve high-definition transmission of monitoring data. The barcode scanner on the assembly line station has also been transformed from wired to wireless and workers can easily press the finished product warehousing confirmation button while holding the PDA handheld terminals.

The 5G SA method can achieve deep application in the industrial Internet field with the support of network slicing and edge computing technology, making production more flat, customized and intelligent.

Post time: May-18-2020

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